I would first like to start with a wonderful Victorian house where I would live as well as work.

If I were to dissect the interior of my dream (nightmare) house, It would be filled with books and small (sub) studios. Like that of Marc Giai-Miniet’s dreamy interiors.

The studio of my dreams would of course be a fully equipped photography darkroom, digital photo studio, and work station.

for the darkroom I would need these supplies:

Wet station

  • Running water source
  • Chemicals (developer, stop, fixer)
  • Large plastic bowl for water bath
  • 11×14 processing trays and tongs
  • clips for hanging film up to dry
  • Measuring cylinders
  • film reels & canisters

Dry station

  • print drying station
  • digital timer
  • Enlarger  and lens
  • Multi-grade filters for enlarger
  • blackout material
  • Darkroom clock
  • 11×14 4-bladed easel
  • Negative carrier
  • Grain focuser
  • safelights
  • Lots of photographic paper

I would love to have Victorian inspired work space and digital photo studio. I would imagine it would look something like this. 

More images and ideas to be unveiled. . .